Where to Buy Tortoise Online and Offline

Where to Buy Tortoise Online and Offline? – Cost of Buying!

Tortoises are one of the best lifetime pets because of their long lifespan. Unlike turtle species, tortoises can live up to 150 years and are quiet, easy to care for, and don’t shed fur. But where do you buy tortoises online and offline?

As it turns out, many reputable places exist where you can buy these pets online and offline. Some best online sellers include Reptiles.com, Tortoise Town, Tortoise Supply, Backwater Reptiles.com, and XYZ Reptiles. When it comes to offline buying, you can try local pet stores like PetSmart and Petco.

So then, how much does it cost to buy a tortoise? Read on to discover more about their prices and where to buy them below. 

Where to Buy Tortoise Online and Offline?


Buy Tortoise Online and Offline

Whether you’re buying a tortoise online or offline, you must find a reputable seller. So, here are several options for purchasing tortoises online and offline:

Online Sellers

If you plan to buy a tortoise online, there are many tortoise breeders’ websites and stores selling them. Below we have highlighted a few online breeders in the United States that you can check out.

1. Reptiles.com

This online store has a large selection of baby, juvenile, and adult tortoises for sale. Their prices range from $229 for Sulcata tortoises to $3,799 for the Giant South African Leopard species.

The best part? Their tortoises are 100% captive-bred and feature a 7-day health guarantee for your peace of mind. Even better, Reptile.com ships their tortoises overnight via FedEx Corporation or UPS. This seller also offers lifetime customer support.


2. Tortoise Town

This online store specializes in selling baby tortoises but also has juveniles and adults. They offer over 25 species of captive-bred tortoises bred and hatched in their New Jersey facility.

Like Reptile.com, Tortoise Town ships their tortoises overnight via FedEx or UPS using heated/cooled insulated boxes. The tortoises also come with a 7-day health guarantee.

Regarding pricing, baby tortoises cost between $269 for a red-footed species and $6,749 for a Giant South African Leopard.

Tortoise Town

3. Tortoise Supply

Tortoise Supply is a breeder in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering a wide selection of captive-bred tortoises for sale throughout the US. Their prices range from $120 for a baby Sulcata tortoise to $4,000 for a Juvenile female Radiated species.

And like other reputable online sellers, they offer a 7-day health guarantee. The seller also ships the tortoises overnight but only via UPS. However, local customers in Las Vegas can pick up their orders locally on weekdays.

Tortoise Supply

4. Backwater Reptiles.com

Apart from captive-bred species, this seller also offers imported live tortoises. Each tortoise you buy from them is usually accompanied by a 7-day health guarantee of 100% live arrival.

Their prices range between $129 for a Russian or Sulcata tortoise to $999.99 for a Sri Lankan Star species.

Regarding shipping, the tortoises are shipped overnight at a flat fee of $49.99, regardless of the quantity. You just choose your preferred delivery option, which can be via FedEx, USPS, or UPS.

Backwater Reptiles

5. XYZ Reptiles

Located in South Florida, XYZ Reptiles specializes in selling baby tortoises online. The prices of these tortoises range from $149 for a Sulcata or Red-footed species to $699 for a baby Russian tortoise.

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The seller offers a live arrival guarantee and overnight shipping via FedEx or UPS. And regardless of how many tortoises you order, the shipping cost is $59.

XYZ Reptiles

6. Reptmart.com

Repmart.com claims to breed some of the highest quality and affordable tortoises for sale online. The seller has a variety of tortoise species, with prices ranging anywhere between $129 to $549.99. Adult species are relatively cheaper than their baby counterparts.

In addition to offering a live arrival guarantee, the seller also provides a 7-day health guarantee. However, their overnight shipping is only available via FedEx at a flat rate of $39.99.


Offline Sellers

Not a big fan of buying pets online? Below are some of the places you can buy a tortoise offline.

1. Local Pet Stores

Sometimes, you can be lucky to find a tortoise for sale at your local pet store. Some of the most reputable pet shops that sell tortoises offline include Petco and PetSmart.

These shops offer both curbside and in-store pickup. You just need to find a store near you using their store locator tool. Unfortunately, both sellers don’t have the largest selection of tortoises for sale.  

2. Reptile Expos and Shows

If you don’t find your preferred tortoise at your local pet store, you could buy it at reptile expos and shows. These events usually feature different reptile vendors and breeders, allowing you to find a reputable seller. You just need to look out for any upcoming reptile shows or expos in your area and attend them.

3. Tortoise Rescue Organizations

Tortoise rescue organizations allow you to adopt a tortoise for a small fee. However, other organizations don’t charge adoption fees but only accept donations. Some of the popular organizations you might want to check out include:

4. Local Tortoise Breeders

While most breeders sell their tortoises exclusively online, there are local tortoise breeders that sell the animals offline. For example, there are:

What to Consider When Buying Tortoise Online and Offline

Whether you plan to buy a tortoise online or offline, there are several factors you must consider. These include:

What to Consider When Buying Tortoise Online and Offline

1. Appearance and Health

If buying offline, check the tortoise for all signs of good health, such as a smooth shell and bright, clear eyes. The carapace should not have any cracks. Also, the nose should be clean and dry with no signs of wheezing.

2. Shipping

When buying the tortoise online, you must consider the shipping fees. Some breeders charge higher than others. You must also consider whether or not the breeder ships to your preferred location.

3. Health Guarantees

This is an important feature to consider when buying the tortoise online. If a breeder is unwilling to provide any form of health guarantee, you should not buy from them. A health guarantee allows you to return or exchange the tortoise if it falls sick within a specified period.

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4. History of The Seller

When it comes to breeding tortoises, experience matters a lot. This is because the longer the breeder has been in business, the more likely they are to sell quality animals. 

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Tortoise?

The prices of tortoises vary based on various factors, such as the species, age, gender, and source of the animal.

Generally, common tortoise species like the Sulcata, Red-footed, and Russian are slightly cheaper than rare species. These common species cost anywhere from $120 to $699, depending on where you buy them.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Tortoise

Conversely, exotic species such as the Giant South African Leopard and Sri Lankan Star cost between $999.99 and $6,749. But compared to an adult tortoise for sale, baby tortoises are relatively more expensive.

Also, female tortoises are more expensive than their male counterparts because of their high demand by the breeders. Additionally, sometimes you may pay more by buying the tortoise online instead of offline due to shipping costs. 


Before we conclude, let’s look at the commonly asked questions about where to buy tortoises online and offline.

1. Is it better to buy a tortoise online or offline?

Both online and physical stores are excellent places to buy a tortoise. However, it is better to buy a tortoise offline if there is a pet shop near you. This is because you don’t have to incur shipping costs.

2. Do you need a permit to buy a tortoise?

No, you don’t need a permit to own a tortoise in the United States. However, it is illegal to import certain tortoise species, including the Leopard, African spurred, and Bell’s hinge-back tortoise. And in California, you need a permit to own a desert tortoise.

What questions should I ask at my local pet shop before buying a tortoise?

First, you must ask where and how the tortoise was bred. This is to ensure the animal is not wild-caught. Also, request for information about the pet’s health and genetic history. 


Tortoises are common pets. As such, there are many places to buy them online and offline. For example, if you search online, you will come across several reputable breeders, such as Reptiles.com and Tortoise Town. Of course, prices vary from one store to another.

Similarly, there exist several physical pet stores selling these animals, including Petco and PetSmart. You could also buy tortoises directly from local breeders or at reptile expos and shows. However, before purchasing these pets, there are various things you must consider like availability of health guarantees.. 

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