Do Turtles Need A Companion

Do Turtles Need A Companion?-Do They Get Bored?

Turtles make excellent pets because, unlike furry pets, they require very little upkeep. However, this does not negate the need for turtles to live in a healthy environment. So, have you been wondering if your pet turtle needs a companion? Let’s take a look.

Do turtles need a companion? No, they do not. Turtles are solitary and unsocial animals. If you put two turtles of the same species in the same tank, they may fight because they are very territorial, especially males. Turtles can coexist in some situations if the tank is large enough to accommodate both.

Turtles do not rely on one another for survival. So, even if your pet turtle does not have a partner, it will be fine. Continue reading to learn whether turtles require a companion before bringing in a new turtle.

Do Turtles Need A Companion?


No, turtles do not need a companion. In the wild, a turtle can live its whole life without any companionship. So do not worry; even pet turtles do not get lonely. They adjust to being on their own when they are born. 

However, turtles can live with others. It all depends on how big your tank is, the gender of the turtles, and the turtles’ personalities. A red-eared slider turtle will happily coexist with another slider. 

Although if the new turtle is of the same species, for example, two males, you may notice that there may be conflict. So, if you bring a new turtle home, put it in a separate tank first and let your turtle get used to seeing it. They will breed if you have a female turtle and bring home a male turtle.

Do Turtles Need A Companion

So if you do not want to take care of baby turtles, separate the two turtles. If you wish to have a baby turtle or two or more male turtles, ensure you have a large tank so that all turtles have enough space to live in. 

Some pet owners say they notice a slight behavior change in their pet turtles if a turtle’s tank mate dies. It might be that the turtle was feeling sad because of the familiarity it shared with the dead turtle

However,  turtles naturally do not show any emotion, so we might not be sure whether they get affected if one of them dies.

Do Turtles Get Bored?

Turtles do not get bored because they require a companion. They get bored because they need something to stimulate their minds. Unlike the myth that all reptiles are dumb, turtles are very smart. They can perform simple cognitive tasks such as solving puzzles.

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If you notice your turtle trying to climb up the tank or digging, it can be because it is bored. In their natural habitat, there is much to navigate through, but the space is limited in captivity. So, if you own a single turtle, ensure you put toys that will mentally stimulate your turtle.

Do Turtles Get Bored

You can do the following:

  • Construct a maze for the turtle to navigate through. Did you know that you can train your turtle? You can teach it how to navigate through mazes. Start with a simple maze with two turns and progress to more complex ones. It is a time-consuming process, but it is worth it.
  • You can purchase empty shells at pet stores and place them in your turtle tank. Shells are normal in the ocean, so the turtle will be familiar with playing with them.
  • If you have an aquatic turtle, you can place plants and small ladders in the water. Then you can seduce the turtle with its favorite treat and enjoy seeing it climb up the ladders.
  • If you own a box turtle, you will notice that they tend to spend most of their time outside water. So, you can make a small water pool for it, so that when it is hot, the turtle can go and swim in it.
  • As I previously stated, there is a lot for the turtles to explore in a natural environment. So to imitate this, you can try changing the tank’s appearance every three months. This will make the turtle feel like it has migrated to a new place with a lot to see. 

The downside to this is that turtles often get scared if you abruptly change their environment, so ensure

Be patient when training a turtle to perform tricks– start simple and be consistent. This will help keep your turtle happy. When making play things for your turtle, ensure that they are safe for your turtle to play with. Avoid pointed sticks and toxic plants.

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Can I Add Another Turtle?

As we have already established, turtles do not need a companion. However, if you feel the need to add another turtle, there are some things you should consider:

Can I Add Another Turtle
  • Turtle species: if you want to add another turtle, add the same species you already have.
  • Turtle size: add a similar-sized turtle because a larger one will bully your turtle, and in the process, your turtle may get injured.
  • Turtle age: if you do not already own a turtle and want to own two, buy two baby turtles. Baby turtles are friendly, and they do not fight. This will help reduce conflict in the tank even as the turtles get bigger because they are used to each other.
  • Care requirements: Some turtles require more attention than others. For example, turtles require a different climate, diet, humidity, and temperature. One turtle will be put in an awkward position due to this situation.
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Can Turtles Live In Groups?

Yes, turtles can live in groups. You will find them in groups mainly during the mating season and when survival necessitates so. 

During the breeding season, turtles like to be around other turtles, and even male turtles do not get aggressive. However, you might find two males fighting one another over a female turtle. Also, turtles remain calm when stacking on each other; turtles remain calm because they know that that is a survival mechanism. 

Can Turtles Live In Groups

Turtles understand that they need each other to survive. Turtles stack so that they can reach the highest point so that they can absorb sunlight. Other than these two occurrences, turtles like to be alone. 

Related Questions

Here are other frequently asked questions turtle owners may have.

1. Can I let my separated tortoises have time together?

Yes, you can. If you have two turtles in separate cages, you may let them spend time together. However, do not leave them unsupervised. If they do not get along, it is best to keep them separate. If they do get along, let them spend time together.

2. Does my turtle want a partner?

No, turtles can survive on their own. They are solitary animals, so they prefer to be left alone. When you bring in a new turtle, there will be a lot of conflicts, which can lead to your turtle getting injured. So, if you want to own two turtles, ensure you put them in separate tanks.

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Turtles do not need a companion. They are very solitary animals and need their space to live. If you want more than one turtle, keep them in separate tanks to prevent conflict.

Also, it is better to leave your turtle to be alone to reduce the chances of a conflict. I hope this article answered the question-do turtles need a companion?

Do Turtles Need A Companion

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