Can Turtles Eat Asparagus

Can Turtles Eat Asparagus? What Benefits Do They Offer?

Turtles acquired teeth at the time they were discovered millions of years ago. Many modern turtles, however, are toothless and use their evolved beaks to bite and crunch food. With some possessing softer beaks, the question of what turtles can and cannot eat is common.

So, can turtles eat asparagus? Asparagus is well known for being one of the most nutritionally balanced vegetables. These gains, however, are mostly beneficial to humans and not as much to animals. Yes, turtles can eat asparagus but not in large quantities and not as regular as humans.

You might be wondering what else about asparagus and turtles you don’t know. Below are some detailed facts that will help you get more understanding.

Can you feed Asparagus to your pet Turtles?


As we can discern from above, yes, pet turtles can feed on Asparagus. Asparagus is cholesterol-free and also very low on sodium, making it recommendable for consumption. 

Turtles Eat Asparagus

It also contains vitamins like vitamin K, which is good for healthier bones and vitamin C, which is important for iron absorption. Vitamin A, on the other hand, is good for the immune system. With your pet turtles requiring all the above vitamins and minerals, it’s advisable to feed them this healthy vegetable.

Turtles’ digestive systems are not similar to those of humans. As such, it is advisable that you first research the benefits and effects of every food before feeding them to your pets. Also, it’s recommended to research the amount of this food that is recommended to eat. 

In this sense, the amount of asparagus that the pet turtles consume should be limited. We will talk about the specific quantities as you keep reading on. Of course, you have to know what turtles eat and incorporate other healthy foods in their diet. 

Can you feed Asparagus to your pet Turtles

An adult turtle can consume one whole stalk of asparagus. However, you should first clean the stalk properly before boiling it. You should then allow this vegetable to cool before serving your turtle. 

Boiling softens this vegetable, and turtles are comfortable eating them. However, even when boiled, it is only recommended to feed asparagus on turtles once per month. Depending on their condition, baby turtles should be given half stalk of this vegetable, and overfeeding can result in some serious health risks.

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Do Turtles Like Asparagus?

There are many things turtles like to eat, and yes, asparagus is one of them. Asparagus is considered to be in the lesser group of vegetables in the diet of a box turtle. They might not like them as much as carrots, squash, and pepper, but turtles do feed on Asparagus quite comfortably.

Health Benefits For Turtles Eating Asparagus

In 100 grams of Asparagus, 93 percent is water, and 4 percent is proteins and dietary fibers. These figures show asparagus as an immensely healthy vegetable. Water and proteins are some of the health benefits of these vegetables to turtles.

Health Benefits For Turtles Eating Asparagus

Asparagus contains vitamins A, C, and K, which are also beneficial to turtles. They also contain calcium which is beneficial to building and maintaining strong bones. The lack of fats in asparagus is also a plus.

How Much Asparagus Should Turtles Eat?

It’s recommended to feed turtles fewer amounts of Asparagus and also feed them once in a while. An adult turtle can feed on one stalk of Asparagus while its young one eats not more than half. It’s recommended you feed them this vegetable once a month.

Turtles Like Asparagus

How Do You Prepare Asparagus For Turtles?

It’s advised to boil asparagus before giving them to turtles. The lack of teeth and saliva in turtles discourages them from feeding on hard vegetables. Boiled asparagus is then easier for the turtle to eat; other foods with goitrogenic compounds are discouraged on the day of this diet.

How Do You Prepare Asparagus For Turtles

Can You Feed Asparagus to Baby Turtles?

Baby turtles can feed on asparagus though in small amounts. A baby turtle generally bites a few leaves in a stalk of asparagus and then leaves. In most cases, it’s advisable to give these young ones only a half stem rather than the whole stalk.

Turtles Eat Asparagus

Video Of A Turtle Eating Asparagus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2. Can Red-Eared Slider Turtles Eat Asparagus?

Yes, the Red-Eared slider turtle can eat asparagus. However, it’s recommended to boil this vegetable to soften and make it easier for turtles to ingest. Avoid giving this vegetable to turtles on the same day you’re feeding them other vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. These vegetables contain goitrogenic compounds, which put them at health risk.

3. Can Painted Turtles Eat Asparagus?

Yes, painted turtles can eat asparagus. Painted turtles are well known to like vegetables, so they are quite comfortable eating asparagus. It’s also recommended to boil this vegetable before giving it to them. This is to soften and reduce the number of goitrogenic compounds present. Be sure to feed these turtles the recommended amount.

Final Thoughts 

Almost all types of turtles like and feed on vegetables. Asparagus, which is widely cultivated around the world as a vegetable, is no different. With some health benefits to both humans and animals, asparagus has proved beneficial.

Asparagus is not toxic to turtles. But, it has to be consumed in small quantities and at certain periods. Generally, asparagus is healthy and contains many required nutrients by the turtles. Asparagus should be part of your turtle’s mainstay diet for proper development.

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Can Turtles Eat Asparagus

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