White Lipped Mud Turtles Care

Mastering the Art of White Lipped Mud Turtles Care

White lipped mud turtles are thought to be quite infrequent, only found in South American countries like Mexico and Colombia. And taking care of this turtle may not be difficult but some information needs to be well-known. 

So, how to master in white lipped mud turtle care? If you wish to possess these mud turtles, you must be careful about how they are processed. Natural scientists believe intermediate-level petters are most suited for a white-lipped mud turtle.

These mud turtles are gaining popularity as pets since they don’t require much care and can live in fairly mild temperatures. Read this article to learn all the facts about this species if you like to have them as pets. 

White Lipped Mud Turtles: Basic Info


As earlier said, it is very unique in terms of size and has some very remarkable characteristics. Before we proceed any further, let’s go over some fundamental information regarding this species.

White Lipped Mud Turtles
Scientific NameKinosternon Leucostomum
Common NameWhite lipped mud Turtle
Adult Size6 Inches (approximately)
Max Size8 Inches
Life spanUp to 50 years
DietWater plants, Fish, Invertebrates, carrion
RangeColombia, Southern Mexico, Ecuador
BehaviourNot very friendly and bite if it feels offensive
Clutch to sizeUp to five eggs can be found in the clutch
Legal to keep in USAProhibited only if it is too small like 4 inches
Extinction StatusRare

Is it Easy to Take Care of White Lipped Mud Turtles?

White lipped mud turtle care can be a challenging task for those who are new to pet ownership. But it can also be manageable for those who have previous experience with caring for pets. 

Is it Easy to Take Care of White Lipped Mud Turtles

Besides, it is important to understand the specific needs and requirements of white-lipped mud turtles in order to provide them with the proper care and environment. 

If You are a Beginner Petter

If you are a newcomer in the world of pet ownership, taking care of a mud turtle is not simple. As per their behavioral study, the assumption is that they are not very welcoming to strangers. It might be demonstrated by saying that the species is rather autonomous and enjoys roaming around freely.

If You’re an Intermediate Petter 

It won’t be too difficult to take care of a mud turtle for you. Any food you feed them, such as green vegetation, fish stripes, or insects, will make them pleased to consume. 

Hence, you don’t need to worry about feeding your turtle, but there is one thing you should watch out for: their diet. This is because, for the most part, they are opportunistic feeders.

Diet Concern

If it’s your pet, it will be your responsibility to make sure they aren’t eating anything because diseases might occasionally arise. Additionally, you need to put extra effort into cleaning the water because that is where they live, which is crucial. 

The subject of how to care for a pet mud turtle, therefore, is difficult to answer. It depends on how much you love your pets and how much time. you can devote to them, but it is neither simple nor difficult. 

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Besides, keeping mud turtles as pets is not difficult at all if you have a modest amount of time and do it regularly.

How To Take Care Of A White Lipped Mud Turtle?

When considering white lipped mud turtles as pets, it is important to understand their traits and nature to provide them with a suitable environment and proper care.

How To Take Care Of A White Lipped Mud Turtle

Know the Characteristics

As per geographic distribution, these species originate in southern Mexico and often don’t grow to be particularly large. They are extremely composed and make an effort to keep their companions out of conflict. They are only occasionally visible in the land to avoid fighting.

The Northern White-Lipped, on the other hand, is a different size. it grows considerably larger. They may be quite hostile, especially toward a full grown white lipped mud turtle. In reality, some people who pet southeast turtles claim the turtles fight, mainly the males. 

Like many other turtle species, it feels awkward on land. So when caring for a full-grown white-lipped mud turtle, it is important to provide them with a suitable habitat that meets their size and behavioral needs.

Apart from estivation and hibernation, care is similar to that of muds from the eastern. They require heated water all year round. And without a cooling period, they may lay many clutches, with each clutch having 3 or 4 eggs on average each year. 

Give them a Comfortable Space

Keep in mind that a white lipped mud turtle needs adequate living space. You must furnish them with a pleasant setting so that they can enjoy living there and avoid becoming monotonous pets. If you do so, you never know they may be an incredibly entertaining company to have.

For instance, if you offer them food, they could approach you in a really amusing way since they know you. Give them the area they enjoy if you want your petting to be as enjoyable. 

Maintaining a Healthy Diet 

Mud turtles, notably those with white lips, are believed to be sloppy eaters. They have a long list of favorite diets including meat, insects, crabs, and fish strips. As either a result, you should keep up a healthy eating schedule to make sure they aren’t overeating as they need to be in charge of what they eat. 

You can learn a lot about mud turtles and their diet information by reading articles online. There are research papers that contain the diet, food habits, and other relevant information as well.

Can You Keep White Lipped Mud Turtles as Pets?

Yes, it is well-liked as a pet. Although in the USA, you need a permit to keep mud turtles with white lips that are smaller than a certain size. However, experts advise that the best persons to possess a turtle are those with Intermediate level petting expertise. 

Can You Keep White Lipped Mud Turtles as Pets

All in all, you must be familiarized yourself with a white-lipped mud turtle care sheet before making any decisions to have them as pets. It will keep records of the specific needs and requirements of white-lipped mud turtles, including details on their habitat, diet, and overall care.

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What Does a White Lipped Mud Turtle Need In a Tank?

We must acknowledge that a mud turtle lives for around 30 years, so assuring them of a haven is the most crucial thing in any circumstance. To set up the turtle tank,  you need to focus on  soil, accurate size measurement, temperature, light setup and water stuffs. 

What Does a White Lipped Mud Turtle Need In a Tank

We will discuss now why all those things are required and what things we should be concerned about. Tank properties should be divided into three key steps. 

1. Soil and Size measurement 

You should make your tank according to how many turtles you have and how many of them you want to keep together. The right size measurement is depending on the numbers. At least two third of the tank should be watered and one-third should be soiled, commented a mud turtle owner.

2. Temperature maintenance 

One of the most important things is temperature control since it may determine whether or not an individual survives. It’s crucial to maintain a constant temperature for the mud turtles. The greatest and lowest adjustments should always be closely scrutinized.

3. Water and Light Setup 

Mud turtles need UV rays to minimize health complications. And because they are in an artificial environment, natural light, which is often produced by the sun, should be guaranteed. This will ensure that the mud turtles are healthy and have a longer life expectancy.


Their adaptability should come first and foremost. Being friends with a pet turtle might be challenging at first because they prefer independence. Hence, it is important to closely watch all of their movements and take the appropriate action in response to them. 

Some individuals believe that male turtles frequently engage in physical conflict and are aggressive. Although this notion is unsupported by science, it is true that books and articles cannot quantify species’ behavior. You need to be ready for any possible approach.

White Lipped Mud Turtle Tank

One has to consider the land proportion seriously. Not only do female turtles like to spend time there during the clutch period, but they also occasionally use it to escape the scorching temperatures or to take a short vacation.

Nevertheless, some researchers assert that it benefits health. Thus, it should be regarded as compulsory.

Final Words

Overall, if you keep it comfortable and casual, white lipped mud turtles as pets are enjoyable. You’ll have a longtime buddy for sure because they typically live a long life. But it might not be a story worth telling if you’ve never had a pet before and lack motivation.So how to take care of your pet turtle is not a very complex matter to worry about. You can create a manual record or routine, something like a white lipped mud turtle care sheet. It might be helpful and assist you in providing the necessary facilities to your pets.

White Lipped Mud Turtles Care

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