Can Turtles Eat Boiled Eggs

Can Turtles Eat Boiled Eggs? Is It Risky For Them?

Turtles make excellent pet animals. Compared to other animals, they have less needs. This characteristic makes them an appealing pet.

Can turtles eat boiled eggs? Obviously, they can consume boiled eggs. For turtles, completely cooked eggs are preferable to those that are raw or half boiled. Adding cooked eggs to their normal meal will enhance their overall nutritional intake.

Let’s now discuss how to prepare the boiled eggs for your turtle. Also learn how many boiled eggs your turtle can consume.

Can You Feed Boiled Eggs To Your Pet Turtles?


Boiled eggs are easy to prepare and full of nutrition. Eating them regularly and eating other food that your pet turtle enjoys will give them variety and a balanced diet.

Can You Feed Boiled Eggs To Your Pet Turtles

Below is a list of nutritions found in a boiled egg:

  • Calories: 77
  • Carbs: 0.6 grams
  • Total fat content: 5.3 grams
  • Saturated fat content: 1.6 grams
  • Monounsaturated fat content: 2.0 grams
  • Cholesterol: 212 mg
  • Protein: 6.3 grams
  • Vitamin A: 6% RDA or Recommended Dietary Allowance
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 15% of the RDA
  • Cobalamin (Vitamin B12): 9% of the RDA
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5): 7% of the RDA
  • Phosphorus: 86 mg
  • Selenium: 15.4 mcg

Eggs are a relatively low-calorie food for all of the nutrients they provide. There are just 77 calories, fat content of 5 grams, and insignificant amounts of carbohydrates in boiled eggs.

They’re also a rich source to get lean protein from, with approximately 6 grams in every egg. In addition, eggs contain a full spectrum of amino acids, making them a great protein source.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, boiled eggs contain calcium, zinc, vitamin D, and all of the vitamin Bs. They contain an extraordinary amount of vitamin B12 and riboflavin (vitamin B2).

The yolk contains most nutrients in eggs, and the egg white mainly contains protein. You can feed the yolk and white components to your turtles, and they make no distinctions.

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Another thing to remember is that omnivorous turtles are among the best eaters of boiling eggs, and others are not fans of the eggs. It is best not to give them boiled eggs.

Do Turtles Like Boiled Eggs?

They prefer boiled eggs. However, only boiled eggs should be fed to turtles, never soft-boiled, fried, scrambled, or raw. You can cut the boiled eggs into smaller pieces or serve them whole for your turtle to devour.

Turtles Like Boiled Eggs

Health Risks For Turtles Eating Boiled Eggs

Turtles require more calcium and vitamins than protein, and eggs are too high in protein to be fed frequently or in large quantities. Protein overconsumption can induce kidney infections in turtles, so it must be controlled in the diet. Additionally, avoid providing raw eggs, which may contain the salmonella virus.

How Much Boiled Eggs Should Turtles Eat?

Make sure your turtle doesn’t eat too many at once. Give your turtles a range of foods instead. Eggs are high in protein, iron, and many vitamins and minerals. However, it is not recommended to overeat eggs.

How Much Boiled Eggs Should Turtles Eat

Never exceed three eggs per day. Because egg yolks are high in cholesterol, you should limit their egg consumption.

How Do You Prepare Boiled Eggs For Turtles?

You can cut the boiled egg into smaller pieces or serve it whole for your turtle to devour. Because the egg yolk contains more saturated fat than the white of the egg, you can skip the yolk and feed only the white if you choose. Crush the eggshell and provide it to your turtle as they are good calcium sources.

How Do You Prepare Boiled Eggs For Turtles

Can You Feed Boiled Eggs To Baby Turtles? If So, How?

It is not required to follow any special rules to give boiled eggs to baby turtles. Cut the portions smaller than you would for adult turtles. Giving them little quantities of eggs will suffice for them to ingest.

Can You Feed Boiled Eggs To Baby Turtles

Video Of A Turtle Eating Boiled Eggs

Here is a video of a eating boiled egg.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Box Turtles Eat Boiled Eggs?

Box turtles are omnivorous, and thus they enjoy eggs very much. But, in moderation, that is. Give them eggs with other foods like mushrooms, carrion, flower, slugs, etc. A mix of various items will help them maintain a healthy diet. For their steady growth, it is essential to provide them with a nutritious and well-balanced diet.

Box Turtles Eat Boiled Eggs
2. Can Red-Eared Slider Turtles Eat Boiled Eggs?

Red-eared sliders are omnivorous and voracious feeders, consuming both animal protein and vegetable materials. As a result, they won’t object if you feed them boiled eggs. Instead, they will benefit from the protein they get from the eggs. However, ensure that the quantity of eggs does not exceed the safe threshold.

3. Can Painted Turtles Eat Boiled Eggs?

Painted turtles can safely consume boiled eggs when they are served according to a strict pattern. However, you must be aware that the cholesterol in egg yolks can harm their health. Maintain stringent oversight in this instance. Avoid serving raw eggs to them, as they may harbor the salmonella virus.


The question, “Can turtle eat boiled eggs?” is now answered. Give them egg whites in moderation, no more than three per day.

Because the yolk is high in cholesterol, you can avoid giving it. Remember to provide them with a well-balanced diet to ensure their healthy development.

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Can Turtles Eat Boiled Eggs

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